LeBron happy about the Jabrill Peppers pick, despite coming from University of *ichigan

LeBron happy about the Jabrill Peppers pick, despite coming from University of *ichigan
LeBron suing the University of Alabama over copyright claim. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Everyone knows LeBron James swears off social media for playoffs and even though he was tuned into Game 6 of the Raptors versus Bucks series with his team Thursday, James did hear who the Browns took during Day 1 of the NFL Draft.

James said he was happy when he found out they got three really good players, despite what college they attended.

"I did not get an opportunity to watch any of the [NFL] Draft but I did see the Browns took uhhh, took Myles Garrett. They took Jabrill from uhhh -- that other school [University of Michigan], hahaha" James joked. "A tight end from Miami that's pretty good I heard, so listen, I want them to be successful. I want the Browns to be great. It makes us all better as a city, as a community. If the Indians, the Browns and the Cavs, all the teams around here are pretty good, so it starts with talent and then putting them in the right position to be successful -- so I wish nothing but the best to those three guys."

LeBron also got a laugh out of the length of the NFL Draft, basically saying they have several more days to choose plenty more players.

"The draft is like 8 days right? So they got more guys they can pick too," said James.

During Friday's media availability, LeBron also said as much as he loves playing at the Q, he loves away games that much more. It's the mentality of knowing that it's his team and everyone he's traveled with -- against the world.

LeBron said, "I just like the adversity of the road. Home cooking is great. I love the home fans for the past 14 years. It's just a weird thing. I love the adversity, I love the 'tonight is not the night LeBron' slogans. I love that 'you're overrated' and all those things I like all of that."

Sometimes LeBron said he is able to look around and see a few of the signs in the crowds. They make him laugh and fuel him to play even harder.

"They take a lot of time out their day to try to figure out how to get my attention away from the game but I'm able to look at all the signs in the crowd and still maintain my focus on the court. It doesn't do much," said James.

Toronto beat the Milwaukee Bucks in BMO Harris Bradley Center 92-89 to win the series Thursday night.

The Cavs continue their quest to #defendtheland against the Raptors Monday, May 1, at the Q. Game 1 of second round of the NBA Playoffs starts at 7 p.m.

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