Local artist creates music to honor father

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local artist has created an album to honor his father and help others in hospice care.

David Beans is a teacher at Kirtland Middle School, but he said his greatest lesson of life was his father's passing.

"He had a tumor in his neck, by the time they caught it, it was just too late," said Beans.

For 10 months, Beans watched cancer steal pieces of his father's life.

"At the time we weren't close," explained Beans.

But by his final days, Beans said he built a strong bond with his dad. He still remembers their last text conversation.

"I said, 'Hey, dad everything is all good love you, see you tonight,' and he said, 'OK BOSS,'" said Beans.

His father died that night, and his experience inspired Beans to write an album of songs about his father's journey in hospice. He named the album "OK BOSS," after his father's last text message.

Beans created a music video for one of the eight songs on the album called, "Goodbye."

"It's about the last day with my dad about being at the beside with him and saying goodbye to him," said Beans.

Beans is selling the albums to raise money for Hospice of Western Reserve in Cleveland.

"They transcended my expectation of what care is," said Beans.

Beans said writing the music helped him heal, and since its release last week, many people have reached out to him to express their gratitude.

"To hear somebody say that made me cry, or I know exactly what you we're going through, or this brought up memories from when I lost my dad. It's a tribute to him, and if other people connect with it,  that makes it a million times greater," said Beans.

"OK BOSS" is available on iTunes and at davidbeans.com

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