Video shows how fast robbers broke in, grabbed jewels, shot a man and escaped

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - It was business, but not as usual at Sam's Jewelry Emporium in Akron on Friday.  Signs on a jewelry case that said wet glue, or missing Rolex watches, and a case nicked by a bullet tell you that.

Worker Eddy Escodaro described what happened Thursday night.

"Three guys came in one with an axe, one with a gun," Escodaro said.

You can hear the terror in the 911 callers voice as she told a dispatcher.

"Oh my God there are three guys, I think they shot him."

Eddy was designing jewelry in a nearby room when he heard a commotion.

"While two of them were trying to get as much inventory as they could just from that one case the other guy was just waving his gun at everyone because we were all just scattered around," Escodaro said.

Surveillance video shows The entire scene, from the start of the robbers entering the store, to the robbery, the shooting and their exit.  Amazingly a total of 14 seconds.

Eddy's uncle Eduardo was hit by a bullet, luckily a glancing shot off his wristwatch

"I heard a gunshot. It was literally two seconds from me standing up and then I heard my uncle who is the jeweler screaming help me help me," Escodaro said.

Eduardo had tendon surgery, and has a mean gash on his arm and a bullet will stay in his bicep.

The bad guys are all described in their 20's wearing masks over their faces and hoodies.  Akron police are still looking for the three suspects.

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