April 2017 warmest on record in Cleveland, Akron

April 2017 warmest on record in Cleveland, Akron

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Well, if you thought April seemed warmer than normal, you'd be right.

April was historically warm for both Cleveland and Akron, as both cities set all-time record warm Aprils. The average temperature in Cleveland for April was nearly 58 degrees, about two degrees warmer than the previous record April set back in 2010.  For Akron, the average reading was about 57 degrees, a degree above the old record set back in 1921.

Both places saw above average rainfall, too, with each getting about an inch more than normal.

Keep in mind both cities also experienced their warmest Februaries on record as well. March was closer to normal., but May will start off much cooler.

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