Cuyahoga County to use electronic polling books during today's primary election

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - There's a good chance voters in Cuyahoga County will notice a change when they visit their polling place for today's primary election.

The board of elections is continuing to phase in electronic polling books. The specialized iPads are used by workers to check-in and verify voters.

The technology is replacing paper logs of registered voters that workers often spend a lot of time paging through before voters receive their ballots.

Rocky River is one of the cities where the electronic poll books will be used today.

Officials said moving to this method:

  • Allows poll workers to look up voters from the entire county or state. This can reduce time spent checking in voters.
  • Allows poll workers to easily redirect voters who are in the wrong location to the correct polling places.
  • Scans a driver's license to pull up a voter's information, avoiding data entry errors.
  • Notifies poll workers if a voter already voted absentee or during the early voting period.
  • Allows voters to sign in electronically.
  • Produces turnout numbers and lists of who voted.
  • Uses a photo to verify a voter's identity.

The equipment has been tested in previous elections and is expected to be used countywide in November for the general election.

Ohio lawmakers in 2015 gave more than $12 million to counties to equip them with the machines. It cost about $1.7 million to bring the technology to Cuyahoga County.

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