Akron considers new law to heavily regulate medical marijuana businesses

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron is considering a new law to heavily regulate medical marijuana businesses.

The City Council is looking at a new licensing process for potential growers.

The new ordinance allows the mayor to approve or take away licenses at any time.

State law allows for 60 dispensaries, 40 processing, and 24 cultivation facilities across the state. City officials do not believe all of those will be built in Akron, but the ordinance clears the way for businesses to open.

"We want to be ahead of the game and have things in place," said Akron City Council president Marilyn Keith.

So far, no one has spoken out publicly against allowing medical marijuana facilities in Akron, but city officials say there has been some specific interest in buildings downtown for a medical marijuana facility and they want residents to know they'll be secure and indoors.

City officials believe it would be a small boost to the Akron economy if the facilities are built.

The city had put into a place a one-year moratorium on the sale of medical marijuana which expires in a few months. They expect to start getting license requests next week.

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