Family 'very appreciative' of support for victim of Facebook killing

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Organizers say all of the money raised at a Tuesday night fundraiser in honor of Robert Godwin, Sr., the victim of the tragic murder shared on Facebook, will be given to his family.

The event started at 4:30 p.m. and will continue through 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at the B-Side Liquor Lounge & Arcade on Euclid Heights Boulevard.

One of Godwin Sr.'s grandsons, Dominick, was at the event and scheduled to perform in honor of his grandfather.

"We're trying to hold it together," Dominick said of his family's loss. "It did hit us hard, but we're a God-fearing family, and we love hard, you know, so we'll be OK, but it did hit us hard."

Dominick said he does take comfort in knowing that his 74-year-old grandfather will be remembered, and thanked everyone who has supported his family since the tragedy on Easter Sunday.

"A lot of people even came out to show support. A lot of people came to the funeral, you know, sending cards in, whether it was a hug, whatever. Everybody has just been so wonderful we're very appreciative, very appreciative," said Dominick. "There's a silver lining with everything and God don't make mistakes. We believe that with our family, and you know we'll make it like I said we'll be OK."

Godwin, Sr. was shot and killed by Steve Stephens on Easter Sunday. Stephens then posted the video of the seemingly senseless murder on Facebook. The incident drew international attention and started a national manhunt for the killer. Stephens was found two days after the murder in Erie, Pennsylvania. State troopers said he led them on a short chase before taking his own life.

The two organizers of Tuesday's fundraiser, Errol Porter of and Michael Dantzler of Boastful Minds production, said the event was held just because.

"When we feel like giving we just feel like giving and this is one of those occasions where I said that's a great idea let's just give," said Porter.

Organizers said all of the checks written at the event were made out to the Godwin family and all of the proceeds of the event will go to the family.

"It's all gonna go to a great cause and, who knows, it may help those kids get winter boots. It may help them through college. Who knows what it may help them, but we really don't care, we don't care how they use it we just feel like giving," said Porter.

Community leaders like mayoral candidate Zach Reed, activists, singers, poets, musicians, rappers, and others were at the fund raising event for the man's children and family.

Additional money was raised for Robert's family through an authentic GoFundMe page, which has raised more than $93,000 as of Tuesday morning. Dominick told Cleveland 19 his family has been receiving the funds, but they are now working with someone in case of fraudulent accounts arising in the future.

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