Protecting your home from burglars

Protecting your home from burglars
Home break-ins tend to increase during warm weather months. Police say it's a time when families are away from home more often doing outdoor activities or vacationing.
The Avon Lake Police Department has started a burglary prevention patrol to help homeowners make their property less of a target for thieves.
Burglaries are quick usually lasting a few minutes. It's a crime of opportunity and one Det. Caleb Robinson said are difficult to solve.
"The guys don't leave a lot of evidence behind," Robinson said.
Robinson and Patrolman Ron Cantleberry said your home should be like a fishbowl. You should be easily be able to see out from inside your home. Your neighbors should have an unobstructed view of your home from theirs.
Cantleberry said a few easy adjustments to your house can me burglars think twice about breaking in it.
"Keep the foliage away from the house- large bushes are a great hiding place for the bad guy," Cantleberry said. "Typically, they'll walk up to the door, knock, (and) listen for activity. If they don't hear nothing that's when they kick the door in."
While daytime burglaries are just as common as those done at night, Cantleberry said good exterior lighting is essential.
"Lighting is great. It's a great deterrent," Cantleberry said. "It will scare people away quicker than anything."
While a lot of us like privacy, but thoughtful landscaping and lighting are important in the backyard too. Cantleberry said motion sensor and flood lights are a worthwhile investment and cover a lot of ground.
Basement windows should contain glass block. It's harder to break than tradition glass.
Cantleberry said sliding glass doors should be protected with track blockers or anti-jimmy plates so they can't be easily lifted out of place.
Electronics used to be hot items for burglars to grab, but now police say jewelry, prescription medication and guns are commonly stolen.

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