Wedding Wednesday, Week #3: Flowers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - From Meteorologist Samantha Roberts:

Week #3 of our Wedding Wednesday segment has arrived! We've covered gorgeous gowns and big, delicious wedding cakes. Now we have to talk flowers!

From tulips to lilies, from lilacs to succulents, there are so many flowers out there!

What's in season?

What will complement the dress?

What will look best with the venue?

It's time to bring in the experts…

I spoke with Kathy Kavulis from Chesterland Floral Boutique, and she told me that a bride's options are nearly endless! She showed me this stunning seasonal bouquet of hydrangeas, peonies, roses, and more. (I cannot get over how beautiful this is!)

How about these dazzling bouquets?!

Kathy crafted these floral creations for Jamie Sullivan's wedding! The colors are striking!

Kathy has flowers to fit the season and even accent pieces for bouquets.

That's burlap wrapped around the flower stems. (Kathy told me that burlap is a major wedding trend right now.)

The delicate pearls that you see along the fabric? Those are actually push pins, placed perfectly to hold the burlap accent to the bouquet stem. The rafia bow is a darling detail at the top of the burlap.

Another bridal flower trend? Letting the stems peek ever so delicately out of the bottom of the bouquet.

Picking the right flowers for a ceremony doesn't have to be a chore, but what about the cost? Flowers are expensive! Brides can spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect blooms! But when a girl has to worry about cake and the dress and a venue...oh yeah, AND food…there may not be thousands of dollars in the budget for flowers. (Total disclaimer here. I will NOT be spending thousands of dollars on my flowers!)

The first thing Kathy asks when a bride calls her is, "What is your budget?" She'll put together an affordable but alluring package that will only look like it broke the bank.

One interesting way to save on bridal blossoms...

If a bride wants to use a pricey peony, a florist may be able to switch that big-ticket bloom out for something that looks very similar but costs less. (Who knew that was even an option?!)

As for me, I haven't made any major decisions about flowers yet. I know that I love hydrangeas and magnolias, but I haven't quite figured out how to "marry" the two just yet. (See what I did there?)

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