Small village to disappear after citizens vote

BRADY LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Exactly how it will happen is unclear. What is clear is that voters in tiny Brady Lake want the village dissolved. By a vote of 106 to 88, they decided to disincorporate.

The next step is for the village to contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office for advice on how to proceed. It is thought that the area will become part of Franklin Township.

The vote was a reaction to what supporters say are crumbling roads, continually lessening services and high taxes. A similar effort failed in 2013.

The village was incorporated in 1927. It developed around an amusement park and summer resort that opened in 1891. It featured a beach on Brady Lake, roller coaster, dance hall and various rides. The 2010 census shows there were 464 people, 201 households, and 130 families living there. Population in Brady Lake peaked in 1960 at 544.

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