'Guardians' Vol. 2 terms prompt Ohio drive-in theaters to take stand against Disney

'Guardians' Vol. 2 terms prompt Ohio drive-in theaters to take stand against Disney
Guardians of the Galaxy cast (Source AP Images)
Guardians of the Galaxy cast (Source AP Images)

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - A drive-in theater in Chardon, Ohio will not show "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."

The owner of the Mayfield Road Drive-In posted on Facebook the theater will be standing up against the rising demands of Disney. The post says they are supporting drive-ins across the area that can't afford to play this film at the terms Disney is asking.

John Knepp owns the Mayfield Road Drive-In in Chardon and the Midway Drive-in Ravenna.

"At $20 per car, we don't feel like we can go any higher than we are now," he said.

The theater will play the movie if Disney lowers the terms. Knepp says they will try their hardest to bring in the best Hollywood has to offer. He says another problem is Disney is asking them to play a documentary as the co-feature as a part of the terms.

"The people that want to see Guardians of the Galaxy do not want to see a nature movie," he said.

Knepp says Disney also wants their movies to run for more than two weeks, which Knepp says is not the norm for drive-ins.

"For us to play a movie three to four weeks would be suicide. We'd be playing six to seven movies for an entire season, and that would be it," he said.

He says they hope to play other Disney movies in the future.

"It's not good for the drive-ins, it's not good for Disney, it's not good for the stockholders of Disney. It's not good for the public," Knepp said.

Cleveland 19 found out "Vol. 2" will also not be playing in drive-in theaters in Chardon, Ravenna, North Ridgeville, Wadsworth, and Barberton.

Cleveland 19 reached out to Disney for a statement and we're waiting to hear back.

There are about 350 drive-in theaters left across the country. Ohio has almost 30, tied with New York for the most drive-in theaters still operating in the nation.

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