"May the Fourth be with you!" on the 'unofficial, official' Star Wars holiday

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Star Wars fans - It's your day today! The Fourth is really with you on what's become a holiday for Star Wars fans around the world.

On the official Star Wars website, they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope with five new ideas for something you might do to channel your inner force, besides dressing up and having a movie marathon, of course.

From StarWars.com:

  1. Share your love of Star Wars and invite a friend over who had never seen Star Wars and watch "A New Hope"
  2. Chow down on a Star Wars-inspired recipe, like Ewok Donuts
  3. Learn to play the Star Wars table top game
  4. Help organize a May the Fourth event at a local library
  5. End the day with a Star Wars bedtime story

Places like the Disney Store have special events planned, and stores like Target and Best Buy are offering special deals on Star Wars merchandise.

StarWars.com is also advertising special deals on their Star Wars stuff.

No matter what you chose to do - May the Fourth be with you!!!!!!

Click here for more ways to celebrate.

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