Confessions of a diehard Cavs fan

Confessions of a diehard Cavs fan
Lovell Brady at numerous Cavs games. (Source: Facebook)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Lovell Brady didn't pick the Cleveland Cavaliers to be his favorite team, they kind of chose him. The love affair began long before the LeBron James era and he even stuck with them once LeBron left -- but since LeBron has been back, it's been like heaven on earth.

"It's no accident that I became a diehard Cavs fan. I was born and grew up in northeast Ohio, my family who also loves the Cavs, passed most of those loyalties down to me and did I mention LeBron James is the king," explained Lovell Brady. "I am part of it right now, as the Cavs continue dominating the East like they are doing. I live in Youngstown and drive into Cleveland for games all the time."

A staple at Quicken Loans Arena, Brady, a NE Ohio business owner, knows all the ins and outs of the Q. When he's not sitting as close as he can behind the bench, you can catch him chatting with other fans, ushers, snapping pictures stars attending the games and players -- if he's lucky.

(Caption: Director  Spike Lee and Lovell Brady)

Their time at the Q even afforded them the chance to be on TNT, during a nationally televised game.

(Caption: Lovell on TNT during Game 1 of 2016 season)

Like most fans Lovell has been hanging on for dear life during these roller coaster seasons. But last year when the Cavs climaxed he was right there to enjoy it all.

"I was at Game 6 of the [2016] NBA Finals but not Game 7 because they [Cavs] were in California," Brady explained. "I came back for the Cavs first game against the Knicks, the ring ceremony. I was so excited, when I saw Kay Jewelers set up near the concessions stand, I bought my own ring!"

(Caption: Kay Jewelers at Cavs game)

(Caption: Lovell Brady rocking his Cavs ring)

Brady said his ring took about three weeks to come in. Nevermind the cost, because the replica looks exactly like the real deal and he says it was worth every penny.

"Ever since I got it I've worn it to every Cavs game," said Brady. "I'm hoping it'll bring them luck to win back-to-back championships."

When asked if they do win again, if he would purchase another ring Brady responded, "I sure will!"

"I made a smart sports choice and I am happy with it," Brady said.

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