Fire extinguisher-wielding man claims he is Jesus, says he will kill law enforcement

(Source: Wayne County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Wayne County Sheriff's Office)

WAYNE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office responded to a bizarre situation Tuesday night after checking on multiple reports of suspicious activity.

Wayne County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the 9000 block of East Lincoln Way in Orville. Several residents told police that the 20-year-old suspicious person entered their home spraying a fire extinguisher. He claimed he was Jesus and the fog from the extinguisher was fog from hell. The resident told police that he offered prayer for the suspect that was then lying on a rug near the bed.

A short time later, police responded to a nearby area for reports of additional suspicious activity. Police found the suspect driving down the roadway in a golf cart. Officers pulled the man over who then got out of the cart with a fire extinguisher. The suspect stated that he was Jesus and God, and told the officer that he was going to kill law enforcement so that he can show home much he loves them.

Lewis was taken to an area hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Police are continuing to investigated Lewis' actions.

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