Mother frustrated by lack of progress on her son's rape allegation

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The mother of a Cleveland 5-year-old who claimed he was raped in an Orchard Elementary School bathroom remains frustrated by a lack of answers.

She reported the incident shortly after she learned of it in December 2014.

Over time she said she's become suspicious.

"When I got in contact with everybody nobody knew anything. They acted as if I was lying or my son made the story up," mom explained.

She didn't like the approach that was taken on the case from the start.

This is what the boy told a relative who told mom who called the police.

"He sat down on his knees I turned around and he grabbed my neck and made me touch his private parts,"  the relative explained.

The then 5-year-old says it was an 8-year-old who victimized him. He ID'd the boy in a line up. A police report details specifics.

In short that is about the last the mother heard.

"Honestly I thought they didn't need us. I thought they were handling it themselves and to find out they didn't do their job, it's heartbreaking," mom told  Cleveland 19's Paul Orlousky.

Finally, fed up, mom contacted Cleveland 19 and also the 696-kids child abuse hotline to learn more. She was told they never got a report of what went on. 
That led to unneeded worry.

Today Cleveland 19 got it from top levels at the county that a call was made.

A meeting had been set for Wednesday between mom, her son, prosecutors and a detective. A detective was unavailable so that will have to be rescheduled.

Mom still wonders why it has taken so long.

"It should never have taken two and a half years for my son to get justice.  And now he has to relive this all over again because someone did not do their jobs and now my son has to suffer and relive this," said mom.

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