'Women are beautiful until they open their mouths' sign draws ire in Old Brooklyn

OLD BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - A local business is catching heat for signs outside its building in Old Brooklyn.

Harry X Sylack is located in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. It has been open since 1940, and those in the community say it has a history for controversial signs.

But one sign has stirred up so much attention some are planning to protest this weekend.

The sign that was posted last week reads "All women are beautiful, until they open their mouths." The right side of the sign reads, "Shame on you" above a list of women who serve in public positions.

The company recently replaced that sign about women with a new one about the recent United airline incident involving a passenger. Many in the community are outraged about the signs including Christopher Demchak and Christen DuVernay who have organized a protest for this Saturday.

"The sign suggests women only have, or their mouths in particular, only have one purpose, and I find that greatly offensive. Particularly in this political climate and particularly when young children and families are driving by," said Demchak.

Christen DuVernay said they hope the demonstration influences the company's owners to shift away from posting content they feel is offensive.

"We don't want to cover up this message and stop somebody's voice, since this was a woman who put this message out interestingly enough. But, we do want to provide alternative messages for young girls in the community to say 'your voice does matter,'" said DuVernay.

According to Facebook, more than 100 people are interested in the protest outside Harry X Sysack located at 4306 Pearl Road on Saturday. Organizers are asking people to bring signs with positive messages about women.

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