Why you should sleep with your door closed to survive a house fire

Why you should sleep with your door closed to survive a house fire

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Research shows that in a house fire, a closed bedroom door could give you the lifesaving minutes you need to survive.

In one demonstration done by experts, a bedroom door is closed as a fire is ignited, and the smoke quickly fills hallways, but inside the bedroom with the closed door, visibility is good.

The closed door changes the flow of dangerous heat and toxic gases in a fire.

"You can have quite a significant fire on the other side of that door, but because the door is closed it's giving you those seconds or even minutes that you may need to find an alternative way out," said Captain Taylor Goodman, a firefighter.

Firefighters say it's the smoke that often kills - long before the flames ever reach you.

For parents who are worried about hearing their babies while they sleep, a baby monitor is recommended.

If your child is afraid to sleep with the door closed, let them fall asleep with their bedroom door cracked and then close the door when they fall asleep.

Firefighters say none of this advice is intended to take the place of a working smoke detector. Smoke detectors are your number one line of defense when it comes to surviving a fire.

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