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10 Ohio cities most likely to have recalled cars (interactive map)


More than 2.4 million vehicles on Ohio roads have unfixed safety recalls, according to annual research on auto recalls from CARFAX. That’s an alarming 26 percent increase from 2016. Now, approximately one out of every four vehicles in the state is affected.

CARFAX has identified 10 places in Ohio where people are most likely to have a car with unfixed recalls:

Click here to view our INTERACTIVE MAP of Ohio cities most like to have vehicles with recalls.

Click here to visit CARFAX's INTERACTIVE MAP for all 50 states.

One reason for the surge in unfixed recalls is that people often are unaware their vehicle has been recalled, according to the company. To help, CARFAX offers a free website and mobile app service called Users enter their license plate or VIN to see current open recalls.

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