Solon police officer charged with domestic violence, disorderly conduct

Solon police officer charged with domestic violence, disorderly conduct

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - A Solon police officer has been charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

Geauga County deputies took the officer into custody May 3.

The investigation was spurred by a complaint of domestic violence involving the officer and his wife, who reside in Geauga County.

He's been placed on paid administrative leave, pending further information in or a resolution of the case.

The investigation is ongoing.

Solon police released this statement regarding the decision not to identify the officer just yet, which reads in part:

This appears to be an extremely complex case in which the Solon Police Department has little information about and rightfully so. The Geauga County Sheriff's Department continues to conduct a thorough investigation, and we are confident in their abilities to provide justice where it is merited. There have since been additional complications with the alleged victim, and we have a sincere concern for her well being. This unfortunately leads us to great conflict with our desire to be forthcoming and release information about a City employee proactively.  We have a concern about the negative consequences for potential prosecution, the alleged victim, and family if we are to overly publicize an incident of alleged domestic violence of which we have no direct involvement in, which is in conflict with our typical desire to maintain transparency at the highest level. Many media outlets do not release the names of defendants in a domestic violence case because that inherently identifies the victim, so this is not necessarily unusual, with the exception that the identity of the employee is the only information we would have to release. After much debate and deliberation, we feel that the ultimate decision of whether the defendant's identity is released or not should rest with you, the media sources who will report it, and we rely on your experience and expertise. Our greatest concern lies with the alleged victim, and certainly the children of this family. Information is available about this case through the Municipal Court in Geauga County, and requests for further information can be made to the Geauga County Sheriff's Department.

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