Study suggests NE Ohio life expectancy longer than southern part of state

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Do you ever wonder why some people live longer than others?

Turns out the secret of life is not a secret at all. How you take care of your body and where you live will determine how long you live, according to a study by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

The study ranked Summit County, Colorado with the highest life expectancy with 86.8 years.

In Ohio, Geauga County was the best in the state with 81.54.

Ali Mokdad was on the team that conducted the study. He says there are many factors that explain the disparities, such as socioeconomic, education, and income.

Northeast Ohio does well because of outstanding health care.

The southern part of the state, however, ranked poorly in the study (though not as bad as the folks in the southern U.S.).

Mokdad says it comes down to lifestyle.

"Obesity, high blood pressure, so these are the factors we change to live healthier and longer," Mokdad said.

He said people with low income often times do not have the finances to buy healthy foods. They are more focused with stretching their dollar for health care and living.

The study also said bad habits create bad health, like smoking and drinking.

And there is no denying living in northeast Ohio provides plenty of places to exercise.

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