Parents: should you worry about your child's chicken nugget and pizza cravings?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's hard to say chicken nuggets and pizza without thinking of kids. It almost seems like kids come programmed to like both - but will your kiddos eat other things?

Some experts have suggested that picky eating can be a sign of a brain imbalance, and can be symptoms of things like sensory disorders. It's been said that some of these kids can be sensitive to food texture and prefer food that has more of a bland taste.

Healthier choices are sometimes prescribed as a way to treat and cut down on bad behaviors and social or learning difficulties.

How much are we affected by what we eat?

Registered dietitian and mom Karen Kawolics says it's a no brainer that we will function better when we eat better foods.

"Kids are just like adults. If my blood sugar is high because I've had some candy or a lot of simple carbohydrates, I'm not going to be thinking that clearly. Children are just like adults in that regard. If we eat better, we can think a little bit clearer," said Kawolics.

When it comes to a child's craving of foods that are high in fat and sodium, Kawolics says it's natural for kids to crave things like chicken nuggets and pizza because they are growing and their bodies need more fat and calories.

"I don't think there is anything problem with children eating pizza and chicken nuggets - as long as it is a healthier version. If you have a picky eater at home, try not to stress too much because you can make your own chicken nuggets. You can make your own pizza. You can purée vegetables. Put it into the sauce. Hide it if they are refusing to eat it. Hide it and make your own," added Kawolics.

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