Think you have what it takes to keep up with Cleveland's top athletes?

Think you have what it takes to keep up with Cleveland's top athletes?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Do you think you could keep up with some of northeast Ohio's fittest athletes?

The Cavs have had an unusual amount of off-time in between their first and second round playoffs sweeps. That free time has been spent trying to remain in peak physical and mental condition before they face their next opponent.

The team has been using the VersaClimber more frequently, a piece of equipment that works the full body. Derek Millender, the Cavs Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, said, "It's good for the posture. It's good for low back and core awareness, and it's vertical and you're on your feet."

LeBron is notorious for keeping his 32-year-old body in superior shape with unusual methods. He uses a hyperbaric chamber to help get more oxygen into his cells to repair the body at a faster rate.

The Cleveland Browns selected former University of Michigan football player Jabrill Peppers in the NFL Draft's first round. One NFL analyst said Peppers is the "ultimate Swiss Army knife" because of his athleticism and versatility. He trained hard for the NFL Combine, and now he is preparing for the NFL season. Peppers said in a video posted by Uninterrupted that he works a lot on his footwork, power, and explosiveness.

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