What rights do you have as a Spirit Passenger?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Several passengers who flew into Cleveland Hopkins airport Tuesday said they didn't plan to fly on Spirit Airlines in the future.

Annette Morrison flew to Orlando with her daughter and a large group to go to a cheerleading competition. The group of eight flew back to Cleveland Tuesday.

Between multiple seat changes for her daughter, and what she heard about Spirit flight delays and cancellations across the country, Morrison, a self-described "die-hard" Spirit fan said she might not fly the discount airline again.

"We were nervous because we had eight people on the plane that had to get back home so we were very nervous yesterday if we were even going to get a flight out we weren't sure," said Morrison. "I even got a credit card through Spirit. I don't think I'm going to use them anymore if they don't straighten out some of the stuff, some of the bumps so we can have a better ride."

Cleveland 19 looked up the contract of carriage for Spirit airlines. That's what passengers agree to when they buy a ticket on a Spirit flight.

The contract has a section dedicated to flight cancellations.

It states, in part that 'schedules are subject to change without notice' and that "Spirit is not responsible or liable for making connections...or for changing the schedule of any flight.'

The contract states that Spirit may rebook passengers on another flight if their flight is canceled, but there are several caveats listed. One of the specific sections says that passengers may be rebooked without an additional charge provided that "Spirit has sufficient resources to implement the plan."

"Sometimes cheaper is not the best way to go," said Morrison.

Spirit’s full Contract of Carriage:

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