Ohio teacher using fidget spinners for science lessons

COLUMBIA STATION, OH (WOIO) - Some may recognize the latest craze, known as fidget spinners. The gadgets have been selling out all over the country, and some of the stores here in Northeast Ohio, even had limited supplies.

One local teacher is using the toy, to teach lessons, and it may be working, despite the controversy over them. Donna Haft is using the fidget spinner to teach science lessons at Columbia High School.

"This is the latest craze and they just love it and I thought what better way to end the year, when they're so anxious to get out and they need something new to rejuvenate them you know just to get them through to the end."

Fidget spinners were originally intended to help ease symptoms of ADHD and anxiety. But in states all over the US, they've been banned from schools with some educators saying they're a distraction, even harmful.

Students say they love the fidget spinners and it's not a distraction but a way for them to actually focus.

"I actually like them a lot because I always used to tap my pencil and people got annoyed so when you fidget spin them, it doesn't make noise and it's not that annoying," said 9th grader, Sam Clark.

Principal, Sean Lynch says Mrs. Haft is always looking for new ways to engage her students and this way seems to be working.

"Anything that helps the kids focus better or is something out of the ordinary or the norm, tends to get their attention to pay more attention," said Lynch.

"They're gonna be there. Just like phones are gonna be there and what we need to do is channel there energy in positive ways," said Haft.

Experts have said that the spinners do relieve tension, but don't solve any long-term problems that may be going on with a child or adult who has ADHD or Autism.

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