What should we do tonight? There's an app for that

What should we do tonight? There's an app for that
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's happened to all of us; sitting around with friends, trying to decide where to go for dinner or a night out. You know there are plenty of options, but you're not sure who has the best deal or what's available.

That's where the people behind Wheedle believe they can help you find the best place to go for a night on the town. The developers of Wheedle, which is a Cleveland-based start-up, say Wheedle is simply entertainment empowerment. It enables you to find the best place for a night out, the best restaurant deal, the easiest way to book your spot at an event or get tickets.

Brian Stein, the president of Wheedle, says it ultimately answers the question, what are we going to do tonight? "It makes it easier and also makes it more exciting because you don't end up going to the same place that you end up every time. When everyone may be saying, 'what should we do tonight,' it gives you something new and exciting to find around the city," Stein said.

John Weston, the CEO of Wheedle, was working in marketing and promotions in the bar and restaurant business when he says he realized the industry needed a comprehensive way of getting their message out to the public. He believes consumers will be won over by the simplicity of Wheedle. "There was not one single tool to do it with. It was completely complicated and we simplified the whole thing," Weston said.

One of the best features of Wheedle is that it is time-based.

Pick a date, pick a time, pick a neighborhood and just like that, you have, night-out options at your fingertips. "So if you're looking for a Tuesday night, it can find the cool taco Tuesday specials. They can find a concert or a special event that's happening that night and on a Sunday morning they're going to get brunch offers," Stein said.

You can find Wheedle on the web, and it's available as an app.

Wheedle has about 80 clients, bars and restaurants who are actively marketing on Wheedle, but Wheedle does not just include the clients they have signed. It is a comprehensive look about what's happening around town.

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