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Pa. state police corporals speak out for first time since Facebook killer chase

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

The Pennsylvania State Police corporals who helped track down Facebook killer Steve Stephens are speaking out for the first time.

Stephens shot and killed himself when police caught up with him in Erie, Pa. His death came two days after he killed a 74-year-old in Cleveland.

There were two men on his tail in the moments after a worker spotted him at a McDonald's.

After seeing the Facebook killing, Pennsylvania State Police corporals Mark Van Horn and Aaron Davis said they thought Stephens might continue to kill.

Stephens led them on a two-mile chase after they spotted his white Ford Fusion.

They weren't sure what he was going to do.

"If he's giving up, I don't know if he's giving up to surrender or giving up like he knows this is the end of the road and he's not going to go out peacefully," said Davis. "He was very much still a threat to everyone around him. Right as we're about to come to a stop, he takes off again."

One of the men decided to make a move.

"I shot around these guys, had an angle on his vehicle and I hit the back left corner of his car with the front of mine and spun him around," Van Horn said.

Van Horn said that was the first time in 20 years he used the PIT maneuver to stop an offender -- but it's a move that clearly worked, ending the nationwide manhunt for Stephens.

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