Geauga County woman celebrates 100th birthday on Mother's Day

Geauga County woman celebrates 100th birthday on Mother's Day

GEAUGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Mother's Day offered a double celebration for one woman who celebrated her 100th birthday. '

Eva Gibson was born in May 1917 in West Virginia.

Her family threw her a surprise party Sunday in Geauga County with all five generations of her family.

"It's wonderful, wonderful. Good to see them all," said Gibson.

Gibson's great granddaughter Samantha Thomas helped to plan the surprise.

"Grammy has always been a big part of our lives, she's kind of like the glue to our family. It's really special that she's made it this far, and that I'm 24 and she's still alive and I still get to see her every week," said Thomas.

When Gibson was born in 1917, Woodrow Wilson was President, the average annual income was $720, and a loaf of bread was just nine cents.

Gibson spent most of her party giving hugs but when it came to sharing the secrets to living a long life she said she didn't really have any.

"Just God's will I guess," said Gibson.

When it came to life advice Gibson said she works to stay content throughout everything.

"I'm just happy and content and loved everyone around me," said Gibson.

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