97-year-old carjacking victim able to assist police

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - On Mother's Day, an elderly woman picked up her friend for church, and was carjacked.

"If you would see her, you would never know. She's tall. She walks fast, drives fast," said friend Edith LeGrand.

LeGrand is talking about her 97-year-old friend, Ellen Davis. 

"We were leaving a little earlier this morning because they were having a breakfast at church," LeGrand said.

Like every Sunday, Davis stopped to pick up LeGrand for church. Since it was Mother's Day, Davis cooked for her friend, and brought the food inside, leaving her car on the street.

"I was upstairs in my room and I heard her screaming. I looked out the window, and she was on the ground in the street," said neighbor Khalida Moore, who called 911.

Moore ran out to help as someone drove off with Davis' car.

"I was just mad. It's Mother's Day, she's trying to go to church. The way her knees were busted up, it was like she was trying to stop the car," Moore said.

"She tried to open the door and I guess she fell," said friend Khalid Samad.

Even at 97, even after trying to chase down the car, Davis had her wits about her.

"She was able to call our her tag number and everything off the top of her head. I can't tell you my tag number," Moore said.

Police were in the area immediately looking for her car.  Hours later, they found it at 90th and Morris, which is less than a mile from where it was stolen.

"Fortunately for us, Daniel E. Morgan school where the criminal parked the car, has surveillance cameras right where the car is.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to see who the suspect is," Samad said.

The thief targeted the wrong woman, she gave police a specific description of the suspect.

"For her to be 97-years-old, to be her age, she is a firecracker," Moore said.

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