Akron fire: Relative says it 'doesn't seem real'

Akron fire: Relative says it 'doesn't seem real'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An 18-year-old relative of the assumed victims of a fatal fire in Akron said reality hasn't hit her yet that her five siblings, her mother and her mother's boyfriend are dead.

The fire was reported around 2:45 a.m. at a home located in the 600 block of Fultz Street. A resident on Fultz Street called 911 to report the fire.

Officials in Akron have not yet identified victims but Brittany Boggs identified them as her mother, Angela Boggs, her mother's boyfriend Dennis Huggins, and her siblings: 14-year-old Jared, 6-year-old Daisia, 5-year-old Kyle, 2-year-old Alivia, and 1-year-old Cameron.

Brittany, who lives in Sandusky and works at Cedar Point, said there was also a dog and cat inside the home.

Auditor's records list Angela Boggs and Dennis Huggins as the homeowners.

According to Lieutenant Sierjie Lash with the Akron Fire Department, firefighters arrived to an intense, fully-involved house fire. The home was structurally unsafe, so crews were not able to completely enter the home to investigate right away.

A neighboring house was also damaged by the heat from the flames.

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