Family friends say victims of Akron blaze helped them when their house caught fire

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Grief counselors were at Helen Arnold Community Learning Center in Akron on Tuesday.

That's where Daisia Huggins, 6, attended kindergarten. She and three of her brothers, a sister, as well as her mother and father died in a Monday morning Akron house fire.

Students were shown a video that was shot just Friday from the school's field day, where Daisia is seen having fun, laughing, and smiling. Classmates were comforted by the video because school officials said it reminded everyone of how happy Daisia was when they last saw her.

"Daisia was in class with many classmates and even though they are kindergartners, they understand that things have changed and that we won't have Daisia back. She was a beautiful child, a very sweet child and we are going to miss her," said Patricia Mosley, the school's Family Liaison.

Family friends Lincoln Dayton Claar, Sr. and his wife, Beulah Mae Claar, say they were friends of Dennis Huggins and his older son -- who was not living at the home. They say they had met Angela Boggs and all of the kids during the past few years.

"They would give you the shirts off their backs. They would do anything for anybody. Very sweet people," said Beulah Mae Claar.

In a strange twist, Dennis Huggins and his older son, they say, had been there for them when their house caught on fire a few years back.

"They came to our rescue -- and so did many others. They just grabbed us. Hugged us. You know just showed us love and now it's our turn to show that to the families and help them," said Lincoln Dayton Claar, Sr.

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