Legal battle forces Lorain County music festival from usual location

GRAFTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Grafton Township in Lorain County is trying to shut down a popular music festival.

The Lorain County Music Fest has been held on land at the intersection of State Routes 83 and 57 for the past few years.

The festival is held on about four acres of land. Organizers say they typically have eight to 10 bands play over three days, and about 500 people show up and camp on their property.

They said they didn't have any problems until this past summer.

"It's an event we use to raise money as a nonprofit, to raise money so hopefully we can hold a music camp for kids and underfunded music programs," said Joseph Rocha.

Neighbors who live not far from the stage have complained about the festival.

The two sides were able to agree in court that the festival won't be held at that intersection, for now. Organizers say they're looking for other land until they can come to an agreement with the township.

Organizers say if they can't work out an agreement, they'll be back in court. They hope they can get a hearing that will benefit the entire township.

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