'Summer' temps in May, can you head to the pool yet?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With temperatures topping off near 90 degrees Wednesday, where will you find relief?

Many will be looking for a place to cool off.

Is it safe to swim yet at places like Edgewater Park? Some safety experts would probably say, "not without a lifeguard." Lifeguards are not yet on duty at Cleveland area beaches.

City pools have yet to open.

According to the National Weather Service, water temperature in Lake Erie off Cleveland's coast is 53 degrees Wednesday.

According to experts, water temperatures that are below 70 degrees are considered cold and should be approached with caution. Going into cold water can overstress your body and cause numbness.

For now, your best bet for staying cool may be with a sprinkler in your own backyard or a glass of ice tea sipped under a shady porch.

Before you head outdoors, keep in mind, the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency reported an air quality alert for Wednesday in the Cleveland area. The air is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups such as people with "lung disease, older adults and children."

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