County coroner confirms body found in a Ashtabula field is 13-year-old Kara Zdancziewski

County coroner confirms body found in a Ashtabula field is 13-year-old Kara Zdancziewski

ASHTABULA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The county coroner confirmed the body found in a Ashtabula field is 13-year-old Kara Zdancziewski. The cause and manner of her death remain under investigation.

Documents filed to obtain a search warrant for John Bove, the man suspected of killing a 13-year-old in Ashtabula, indicate he said something had gone wrong before he shot the teen.

Bove, 46, is a registered sex offender.

A woman called police about Bove's statements that "something had gone wrong" leading up to the shooting. That call prompted a search for the teen, Kara Zdancziewski, at the location provided by the woman.

The body was found shortly afterward.

Meanwhile, a search in Sharon, Pa., quickly turned up Bove's stolen car. He was arrested after a short chase.

Bove is accused of leaving the teen's body in a car that got stuck in the mud, stealing another car, and fleeing to Sharon to spend the night with a woman.

The Ashtabula detective who interviewed Bove painted a harsh picture, describing him as callous with absolutely no emotions at all. He also said he was very forgetful.

Bove lived in Ashtabula with a wife. She was questioned and faces obstruction charges.

A neighbor said he was surprised. He said Bove was an air brush artist.

Zdancziewski and her family lived at Beatitudes House transitional housing for people down on their luck. The most troubling part of the story is that the family knew Bove, according to police.

Authorities believe Bove was a family friend, someone the family trusted.

"I think it's horrific for the family. I can only imagine what they're going through," said Sharon Police Chief Gerald Smith.

Authorities say the girl's family is very distraught and has a lot of questions.

"The only closure is that we have this person in custody, but you wish you could bring that girl back," Smith said.

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