LeBron: "I don't feel that great"

Tyronn Lue says Cavs got off to a good start in series vs. Celtics

BOSTON, MA (WOIO) - If LeBron had a choice, he'd probably play these games back to back. As in, every night, because the more days off in between playoff games, the worse he feels. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

"I know, I wish it was the opposite", LeBron said before practice at TD Garden on Thursday afternoon. "I can't figure it out."

This, from a guy who went for 38 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists in Game 1.

"For me, if I get 2 days, or a day, that's enough rest for me", LeBron said. "9, 10 days is too much. I train too much. My body kinda decides if it wants to be great or not. Most of the time it doesn't. I felt okay last night. I knew I wouldn't feel great after the game, and I don't feel that great right now, should be much better tomorrow."

Good luck, Celtics.

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