Gov. Kasich discussing health care reform today in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Governor John Kasich and Dr. Toby Cosgrove, the outgoing CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, will be discussing health care reform today at the City Club of Cleveland.

Kasich has called the health care bill that recently passed by the U.S. House "inadequate".

He's concerned Ohioans living in poverty and those who depend on mental health and drug addiction services won't get the help they need because of cutbacks to Medicaid expansion.

"Come 2020, that's eliminated and most people who are on it can stay on it, but most people cycle off because the get work... their income goes up," Kasich told CNN earlier this month. "And once they're off- they're off. They can't go back on. And I'm not opposed again to changing that, but you can't do it just overnight."

Kacish fears this would force vulnerable people into the health insurance marketplace where they wouldn't be able to afford costly insurance plans.

Kasich said 700,000 people are covered through expanded Medicaid. He said a third of that number are people who either have mental illness or drug addiction. He said a quarter of that 700,000 have chronic diseases.

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