Classmates release balloons for young victim of tragic Akron house fire

Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An Akron school is remembering one of the youngest of this week's seven house fire victims. The Community Learning Center launched balloons Friday in memory of the little girl.

It was an emotional tribute for that young victim, both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Daisia Huggins' classmates expressed a sense of loss by sending hundreds of balloons toward the heavens.

Their principle, La Monica Davis, told Cleveland 19 News the students came up with the idea of releasing hundreds of pink balloons.

"We had butterflies that were released as well as balloons because loved pink. She loved butterflies. She loved life and this is a way to celebrate her life," Davis said.

Just before they let the balloons go, they gathered in front of Daisia's extended family, letting them know they felt as close to them as they did to her. Daisia lost her precious little life in a house fire with six other family members on the day after Mother's Day.

Tony Huggins, Daisia's uncle, spoke from the heart about the family's appreciation of Friday's remembrance.

"We are grateful today for this event and for the students remembering Daisia and to honor her in this way. As the balloons began to be released, the raindrops began to fall. That's really significant to me and a confirmation that this is approved by Daisia," he said.

Daisia's classmates wept and tried to comfort each other as the weight of Daisia's death began to sink in.

"Her best friends, who she sat by, they're having a really hard time with this because they keeping thinking she's going to come back, that she's going to come back and sit there," Davis said.

Counselors are at the school to help the kids cope.

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