Thieves raid Cleveland Church, steal money for kids' activities

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local church in Cleveland is spending the day cleaning up after someone broke into the building and stole hundreds of dollars.

Way of Escape Ministries on Denison Avenue is a place for people to come for spiritual refuge, but on Thursday night Pastors Edwin and Renae Moore said someone used their church as a way to steal quick cash.

"My initial feeling was shock and rage at the same time," said Edwin Moore.

The pastors said that thieves shattered the glass of the church doors and trashed every room inside before making out with the church safe that had about one thousand dollars inside.

"That money was allotted for kids' activities and we have a women's conference coming up soon," said Edwin Moore.

The thieves also raided the kitchen and stole the food the church gives to needy weekly.  They also left a refrigerator door open so that any items they didn't take spoiled.

"I believe had they even come to ask for help, because of who we are what we do, we would've given that help," said Renae Moore.

Moore said that Cleveland police told him there have been other break-ins around the area, but he believes the culprits may have visited the church before.

"Whoever did it was really comfortable because it looks like they took their time," said Edwin Moore.

Members of the church came to help clean up and prepare for Sunday's service. 

The pastors said despite the setback they will continue to make a way to help those who need it.

"We're givers and we don't plan to change from being that," said Renae Moore.

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