Relive your childhood and 'camp' out in a treehouse

KNOX COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - From anchor and traffic reporter Jamie Sullivan:

A perfect "summer staycation" nestled just an hour and a half south of Cleveland in Knox County, the Mohicans give you an experience unlike one that you've probably ever had. Mostly because the accommodations are in the middle of the trees, literally!

Kevin and Laura Mooney have created a unique getaway for brides, couples and families. Some say it's rare to find owners who genuinely care about their guests but that's not the case with the Mooney's. Making their brides and guests happy is their top priority. There are two reasons why most people will visit and stay at the Mohicans; either a wedding at the Grand Barn or you to sleep overnight in a treehouse.

These aren't your typical treehouses that you'd see in a neighbor's backyard. Oh, and it's not camping either. It's glamping! Mooney says, "Oh, it's glamping! We're talking granite countertops, refrigerator and freezer with air conditioning, and heated. You can stay here every night of the year and it's really, really comfortable."

You may recognize this little red treehouse from the show Treehouse Masters, where it was featured as one that Pete Nelson designed. Mooney tells us what makes his designs different; "A lot of his were man-made, where mine, I have the barn siding, the hand-hued beams and I picked out granite countertops. You know, we're doing something just a little different. More comfortable."

Currently, there are four treehouses available and multiple cabins at he Mohicans. Two treehouses are currently being built that should open to the public soon. Click here for more information and for booking.

There are also many activities you can do while staying at the Mohicans, including canoeing, hiking, kayaking and zip-lining. Tree Frog Canopy Tours is less than a mile down the road from the Mohicans. It's a family business that started out by their love for zip-lining after a visit to Costa Rica. Like the Mooney family, Madison and Anna-Lee truly care about their customers. They give you ease and comfort along the journey, including seven zip-lines, two sky bridges and two rappels.

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