Woodmere police snapping selfies to build community relationships

WOODMERE, OH (WOIO) - One local police department is trying to change the way people view law enforcement by snapping selfies with the people they protect and serve.

Woodmere Village police are starting a "Selfie Challenge."

For the next three months, they'll snap photos with the residents in the Village of Woodmere. It's all part of the effort to build and strengthen community relationships.

Chief Sheila Mason says it's two-fold.

"It helps with the community," Mason said. "The officers get to know the residents and the business and the residents and the business get to know the officers."

Sgt. Christopher Colon says this challenge is one that he knows he can win.

"I'm sort of like the jokester here so for me it's fun. I like talking to everybody anyway," he said.

The selfies will be displayed on the department's Facebook page for all to see. The officer that snaps the most selfies at the end of each month gets a reward -- $50 right out of the chief's pocket. The officers say game on.

Mason says officers will use their discretion. They're not making light of the important work they do but trying to bridge a gap that exists.

So far, the response has been positive. People can check out the selfies here.

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