Elyria High School threat probably a case of 'swatting', police say

Elyria High School threat probably a case of 'swatting', police say
Parent of Elyria High School student. (Source: WOIO)
Parent of Elyria High School student. (Source: WOIO)

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Monday's threat at Elyria High School was not as valid as police first thought.

Elyria Police say the threat to 'inflict mass casualties on students, faculty members' may have been a prank.

Officials believe it was a case of "swatting," which is the act of deceiving an emergency service employee into sending police and emergency response teams to another person's address, based on the false reporting of a serious law enforcement emergency.

But even though the actual threat may have been bogus, police still took it seriously.

A caller told authorities he was a student who had barricaded himself in the bathroom with multiple weapons and a propane explosive device and he wanted to hurt a lot of people.

Investigators quickly traced the call to a student who was in class and learned that his phone number had been hacked.

The school was evacuated around noon and no weapons were found.

Cleveland's FBI Bureau has been brought in to help investigate a motive and assist in locating the people responsible.

Swatting is considered an act of terrorism due to its potential to cause disruption, wasting resources and time of emergency services divert attention from real emergencies and possibly cause a risk of injuries and psychological harm to the persons targeted and for first responders.

If you have any information, give Elyria police a call.

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