Man who gave exclusive interview to Cleveland 19 arrested after fatal Akron fire

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A man who talked freely about police searching his home for evidence of a connection to an Akron arson is under arrest.

Stanley Ford told Cleveland 19 reporter Paul Orlousky at the time: "Well, they trying to associate me with this fire and I don't know nothing about it."

It was a hectic day in Akron on Tuesday as evidence was sorted through, decisions made, and an arrest made.

"After a comprehensive review of the evidence it has been determined that this fire is an act of arson," said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan.

No one knows what it was that was taken from Ford's home that got investigators interested in him, but clearly something tied him to the fire that killed seven people. Items of clothing, shoes, and even gas cans were taken from his two homes just 100 yards or so away from the burned home.

The arrest cleared Patrick Boggs, the ex-husband of fire victim Angela Boggs, a woman he had threatened to burn alive 15 years ago, according to Akron Deputy Chief Kenneth Ball.

Authorities said he was never considered a suspect and has not/will not be charged.

Patrick Boggs had been locked up on a possible parole violation, and late Tuesday he was released.

When Ford spoke with Cleveland 19 after the incident, he also said:

I been more than fair with them man. I don't know if they just trying to get a conf...

At that point a relative ushered him away from a Cleveland 19 camera. It sounded like he was about to say the word "confession."

It is expected that Ford will be in court Wednesday morning.

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