Limo driver describes chilling after-prom crash scene: 'Commotion, screaming, crying'

EATON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - A good Samaritan says he tried to help the victims of a recent fatal car crash in Eaton Township.

Roberto Voicu works as a driver for Shima Limousine Service. He was chauffeuring more than a dozen students after Midview High School's prom when he drove by an accident near State Route 82 and Route 57.

Voicu said the students in his limousine were emotional when they saw the scene in the early hours of May 21.

"Commotion. Screaming. Crying, mostly crying. 'Oh my God, that's my friend.' I was the third on scene, but the other two cars were children from the prom," said Voicu.

Voicu pulled over and jumped out to help. He said the 18-year-old driver, Chase Johnson, a Midview senior, was on the ground in pain.

"He was crying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,'" said Voicu.

Lindsey Rotuno, a Midview junior, was unconscious inside the car. Voicu and a student pulled her out of the car and started to give CPR. Voicu said Rotuno's classmates inside the limo became hysterical when they realized they knew her.

"When I was on the ground with her resuscitating her, they were rolled down the windows, and then I hear the crying behind me knowing that this is their friend so I didn't know what to do," said Voicu.

Voicu said he and another classmate prayed as paramedics and state troopers came to help.

Rotuno died from her injuries.

Voicu said the ordeal has been very emotional for him.

"People told me, 'You did what you could, other people would have just driven by,'" he said.

Voicu said he learned an unforgettable lesson that night.

"Live life and learn and love life -- because you can lose your loved one at any moment," he said.

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