North Ridgeville animal control officer repeatedly accused of animal cruelty, finally fired

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - North Ridgeville police say that an animal control officer that has been in the headlines for his inhumane treatment of animals has been terminated.

Officer Barry Accorti was fired for "performance issues," according to a statement from police.

In 2013, protestors called for Accorti's firing after he shot five feral kittens in front of at least two young children telling them the kittens were "going to kitty heaven."

North Ridgeville police, at that time, cleared Accorti of any wrongdoing.

One year later, another gruesome incident took place involving Accorti. Eyewitnesses said Accorti shot a baby raccoon, twice, while it was inside a cage, in front of three young children.

Accorti still kept his job.

Apparently, a new incident has proved to be enough to get Accorti fired. A man says he had found several baby rabbits while he was mowing a lawn. He then called police because he said he was unsure of what to do. According to the man, Accorti showed up, grabbed the basket of rabbits and began smashing their tiny skulls on the tailgate of his truck.

North Ridgeville Police went on to say in a statement, "There should have been better communication and understanding of perception and sensitivity as well as following established protocol."

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