North Ridgeville named fastest growing city in Northeast Ohio

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Combine the construction, new neighborhoods and rebuilt roads, and it's clear, North Ridgeville is booming.

"I absolutely love that it's growing more," said Kit Custer.

Custer not only lives in North Ridgeville, she's a realtor in Lorain County. She loves the convenient location.

"We're not too far from downtown, and that's specifically why we moved here," she said.

About 32,983 people live in North Ridgeville. More than 3,500 people moved to the city since 2010, just like Rob Yanus, who built a home in North Ridgeville about nine months ago.

"I like the mixture of the rural and the developments. It's kind of cool to turn around the corner and see cows and horses and chickens," he said.

Those are sights North Ridgeville City Council President Kevin Corcoran is used to seeing. He's not surprised North Ridgeville is the fastest growing city in Northeast Ohio, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. He's lived there since 2001 and watched the city expand.

"It's changed a lot since then. It was a little bit of a sleepy community at the time, but the population gain has increased a tremendous amount and it's changed the face of the city," Corcoran said.

Not only are homes selling fast in North Ridgeville, they're building like crazy. Corcoran said they add more than 200 new homes to the city every year.

"You can get a lot more home for your money in North Ridgeville than you can in the surrounding areas, so your payments are lower and you still get all the great benefits," Custer said.

Not only are houses affordable, Custer said North Ridgeville is the perfect spot to raise a family.

"My children go to North Ridgeville Schools and they have been absolutely amazing since I've been there," she said.

Combine those factors, plus all the land that's open for development, and many believe North Ridgeville just keep growing.

The same study showed Columbus is the fastest growing city in Ohio. Meanwhile, Cleveland lost just over 11,000 people residents since the 2010 census.

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