Sneak peek: The new Cedar Point Shores waterpark, relax at Hotel Breakers

Sneak peek: The new Cedar Point Shores waterpark, relax at Hotel Breakers

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - From anchor and traffic reporter Jamie Sullivan:

When most people hear Cedar Point, they think of rides and attractions. There's a lot more to offer than you may realize, like Hotel Breakers and Cedar Point Shores!

Everyone uses Cedar Point differently. Some go just for the rides, others go to watch their kids enjoy the thrills, and some enjoy the historic Hotel Breakers. Renovated a couple years ago, the hotel has many new additions, which are bringing in new guests. The nostalgia that the guests who have been coming for years know it's still there. Even with the renovation, they've made sure to highlight the history. As Tyler Adams, Director of Hotel Marketing said, "So if you're staying here at Hotel Breakers, a lot of restaurant options. Perkins, you can have breakfast. TGIFridays for dinner, and then right here, the historic rotunda and have Starbucks to start your day there and also end your day at Surf lounge. Have a nice drink over there which is really important after a nice day at Cedar Point!"

Adams also tells us about how many room options there are, ""There's 40 different room options inside Hotel breakers. So that really does cover a lot of different ranges. It all depends on what experience you're looking for. The good part, no matter what room you pick, you're still going to be at Hotel Breakers right here at Cedar Point so it's still going to be a good day!"

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Cedar Point Shores opens to the public on Saturday, May 27th with many new attractions for adults and kids!

Here's what to expect in the 18 acre water park: Four new water attractions, and the biggest one is Point Plummet. Director of Communications Tony Clark explains how this works, "A 6-story aqua drop, you'll hear countdown that goes 3, 2, 1 when the floor drops from underneath you, and you go through these tubes and tunnels until you come out."

Other new features include Portside Plunge, Lakeside Landing and Lemmy's Lagoon for the kids!

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