LeBron after breaking MJ's record: 'I wanted to be Mike'

LeBron after breaking MJ's record: 'I wanted to be Mike'

Not only did the Cavs beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals Thursday night, but LeBron James etched his name (again) in the record books. This time, he passed Michael Jordan.

The discussion of whether LeBron or Michael is the greatest NBA player of all time has been debated for a long time now, but LeBron passed MJ for the most points in playoff history.

Jordan scored 5,987 points in his 179 playoff games. LeBron surpassed him Thursday night with 5,995 points in 212 postseason games, and counting.

LeBron hit a 3-pointer in the third quarter to break the record.

After the game, a humbled LeBron said, "I wear the number because of Mike. I think I fell in love with the game because of Mike, just seeing what he was able to accomplish."

When LeBron asked about his name in the same conversation with Michael Jordan, he said, "It's just a wow factor."

He also added, "I didn't go bald like Mike... but I'm getting there."

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