Woman says water bill lowered after Cleveland 19 investigation, but not enough

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A woman who got a water bill that is hard to believe isn't pleased with a proposed solution.

"Obviously it didn't meet my expectations, basically the original bill was around $14,000 and now it came down to about $9500," Kari Anne Arnosk said.

It was a start on getting the bill straightened out after she came to Cleveland 19's Paul Orlousky. A payment plan that cut about $5500 off her bill.

As they promised, the Cleveland Water Department sent someone out to check her lines. No leaks were found underground, so the meter was removed
for testing. Kari Anne was told it would take about a week. However there is a continued problem. A new bill came in and said she and her family used 14.4 metric cubic feet of water from late March to late April.

Doing the math that is 108,000 gallons. It would take 11 days 18 hours of a garden hose running full stream 24 hours a day to use that much water
during that time frame.

On May 19 Kari Anne got a call from the water department with more bad news telling her she'd have to begin paying on the massive charges along
with her current bill even though the meter hadn't been checked.

"So about $500 a month total for at least the next 3 years. They expect me to pay this," Arnosk explained.

Meantime the Water Department is continuing its review of the records and is checking her meter.

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