Is your smartphone giving you a double chin?

Is your smartphone giving you a double chin?

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's called "text neck."

Is your smartphone making you age faster or giving you a double chin? Some dermatologists say they're seeing more people with what they call "smartphone face."

The doctor that spoke with Cleveland 19 thinks this is actually more about perception than smart phones affecting muscles or how a person ages. She said selfies are making people more aware of how they actually look -- and that's bringing more clients into her office.

A lot of us can't stop snapping selfies, but we're also finding more flaws that we don't always see in the mirror.

"When you take a selfie, the image that you get is how people see you," said Dr. Diana Ponsky, a facial plastic surgeon at University Hospitals. "We've seen a lot of younger patients come in, telling us that they look at themselves in these (smartphone) pictures, and they're seeing a side of themselves they don't normally see."

People may see more asymmetry in their face, which is leading more people to request work on their noses.

Some people focus on double chins.

Ponsky says it's all about perception.

"When we're reading a book, our head is inclined at the same angle. We never usually take a picture of ourselves reading a book. But if you look, your chin is recessed, your neck is flexed, so it brings out the lower face and any double chin or (jowls)," she said.

Ponsky says double chins can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and aging. She usually sees them in patients in their 60s and 70s.

Doctors say it may take several more years before they see the full effects smartphones have on aging.

For those who are really concerned about a double chin, there are non-surgical options -- or they can get botox, or numerous other procedures done.

Smartphone users can also simply avoid the look by watching posture and holding the phone higher during a selfie.

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