Flash flooding strands drivers, neighbors in Geauga County

Flash flooding strands drivers, neighbors in Geauga County

GEAUGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - When it rained, it poured in Geauga County Sunday night.

"This is the worst I've ever seen it," said Joe O'Donell.

O'Donnell has lived in his house since 1976. He's says this is the fourth time his driveway has completely washed away.

"My poor neighbor next door has two little kids, like 1 year-old twins. I told her, you need anything, like milk, you let me know," O'Donnell said.

To add insult to injury, water seeped into his basement. Just down the highway, two women had to be rescued from this house as the water rose and surrounded the home.

"Granny and Phyllis-I tried to get down to them but it was too late, Montville and Camden carried them out," said neighbor Steve Karlovec.

Karlovec says the whole intersection was under water,

"Their front yard filled with water, and was 50-69 feet wide of water coming across the roads," Karlovec said.

As quickly as the water rose, it receded. Road crews were quickly out sweeping up the debris and making sure the roads weren't at risk of washing away. Karlovec explains it was quite a frightening sight.

"It looked like white water rapids down the road," Karlovec said.

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