Olmsted Falls mom has advice for other moms after dialing 911, crews couldn't find home

OLMSTED FALLS, OH (WOIO) - An Olmsted Falls mom says when she dialed 911 on Good Friday, it took what seemed like forever for crews to arrive.

"I kept repeating his age. My driveway location and his age in months because he's not even two years old - like hearing that he was a baby would somehow get them here faster," Rachel Stallard wrote in a blog post.

Her blog post caught the attention of many moms.

Stallard, like so many other moms wasn't addressing her own health issues. She had a fever of 103, and says that may be why she didn't notice her nearly two-year-old son Vander was also running a fever.

"We went into the kitchen to make something to eat, and he just collapsed, and when he hit the floor, and I looked at him, I knew immediately he had had a seizure because his arms and his legs were down at his side," said Stallard.

Turns out Vander had a fever and a condition that was making him have seizures.

Stallard says she dialed 911, but help wasn't arriving. Her house is tucked back from the main road. Emergency service crews were having trouble finding her home that was newly constructed.

"After about seven minutes, he kinda started going limp. Nothing was moving anymore, and that is when the panic set in because they still couldn't find the house, and then I couldn't tell if he was breathing," added Stallard.

Luckily, Rachel's husband came home at just the right moment.

"I said, 'get in your truck. They can't find the house,' and he said, 'who can't find the house?" I said, 'the ambulance. They can't find the house.' And then he still was looking at me, and I said some choice words, and he ran out the door and met the ambulance," said Stallard.

Vander is now okay.

When Stallard arrived home from the hospital she says she immediately started looking for a solution to the problem that could have cost her toddler son his life.

"I immediately came home and Googled totem poles, and my husband said, 'so you want to put a totem pole out there?' I said, 'I don't care - a totem pole - a bright red telephone booth - I don't care how what it is or how much it costs. I want it in the front yard so that people can see it, and nobody is wondering about how to get to the front of the house."

Stallard has some great advice for other moms from lessons learned after her heart stopping ordeal. Click here to read the blog she wrote about "What I Learned the Day I Dialed 9-1-1."

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